FM Chips in an Emergency

Broadcasters have been committed to keeping their communities safe for decades. With new technologies such as smartphones and other devices, NASBA works to educate the public on the need to activate FM chips in cell phones because of the importance of local radio during times of emergency.

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Pai Visits Puerto Rico, Comments on Recovery Efforts


Michael Balderston, TV Technology

FCC Chairman’s two-day visit included stops to tower sites and meetings with local leaders.

WASHINGTON—More than a month after Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai made a two-day visit to the island to understand the recovery efforts still in progress. After speaking with local officials and visiting a number of impacted sites, Pai recognized the challenges that Puerto Rico and its residents still face.

According to a summary issued by the commission, during his trip Pai visited various parts of San Juan and towns along the northeast Puerto Rico coast; he inspected a tower site and associated infrastructure in El Yunque National Forest; met with President Sandra Torres López and Associate Member Alexandra Fernández Navarro of the Telecommunications Regulatory Board; and attended a briefing hosted by FEMA.

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Drones Make Their Mark in Hurricane Coverage


Broadcasters expand use during recent disasters
James Careless, TV Technology

OTTAWA—From a news standpoint, the past two months will be remembered for two things: The trio of hurricanes that devastated the southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean, and the rise of news drones as a vital form of visual storytelling.

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