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New federal drone rules should lift TV stations


Anthony Schoettle, Indiana Business Journal

WISH-TV Channel 8 is the only television station in the Indianapolis market using a drone for news coverage. And it uses the device only sparingly.

Both things are about to change.

The Federal Aviation Administration last month approved new regulations that TV industry experts say will open the floodgates for drone use in news reporting.

The biggest changes—which are set to take effect Aug. 29—mean commercial drone operators will no longer need a pilot’s license, the unmanned aircraft can fly before dawn and after dusk, and the drones can fly much closer to people. In addition, a flight plan providing 24 to 72 hours of notice is no longer required.

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ABC is creating dozens of free, digital-only shows it wants you to watch on your phone


Remember webisodes? This is like that, but ABC says it will work this time.

Are you a big fan of ABC`s "Modern Family?" Then maybe you`ll like "Boondoggle," a new comedy starring "Modern Family`s" Ty Burrell, where Burrell plays a character called "Ty Burrell." It`s from ABC, too. But you can`t watch "Boondoggle"” on ABC`s network — you`ve got to watch it online, via ABC`s website or one of its mobile or connected TV apps. It`s one of seven new digital-only shows the network is launching today, with dozens more to come throughout the year.

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