Drones for Reporting

As floods and wildfires ravage the country this summer, it's quickly apparent that a new tool at the disposal of newsrooms across the country can help illustrate the scope of a story such as floods, wildfires and more.

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FCC Preliminary Report on the Hawaii False Alert


The FCC has released its preliminary report on the Hawaii false alert. The story now seems to be the employee thought there was a missile coming.

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The long wait to get your smartphones to tune into FM may be ending


Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe

Samsung Corp. is reaching all the way back to 1933 to present the latest in smartphone technology: FM radio.

I only wish Apple Inc. would be so modern.

Using a free app called NextRadio, owners of the next-gen Samsung phones sold in the United States and Canada will be able to tune into any FM station in range. It’s a superb idea — possibly a lifesaver.

Who needs FM, in a world of Wi-Fi and 4G broadband networks? I did, just a few weeks ago during a tense trip to Africa, when an FM-compatible phone kept me connected to the rest of the world. And you might need it too, when a severe nor’easter or a brutal hurricane rips up the cellular network.

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