Winter Meeting

NASBA Winter Meeting February 21-22, 2016
National Press Club, Washington DC

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Repack Faces Tower Crew Shortage


When the dust settles on the incentive spectrum auction and repacking commences, will there be enough tower crews to help stations relocate? A recent NAB report says no.
Broadcasters will have 39 months to repack and the FCC is allocating $1.75 billion in auction revenue to aid in the process. The National Association of Broadcasters is currently lobbying for more funds.

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Drone Flight Still Challenged by FAA


FAA's limitations on commercial drone flight limits what production companies and engineers can do
Bill Hayes, TV Technology

JOHNSTON, IOWA—I have been doing some research recently on unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) both for the Iowa Public Television production department and for use in engineering to do tower inspections. There is no doubt about it, drones can provide some amazing footage for a production. I happen to think they could also provide some value to IPTV in doing inspections of our towers.

Obviously it wouldn’t replace having a skilled and certified crew climbing the tower and making a true physical inspection but a stable drone with a high definition or even a UHD camera could provide a recording that could be used to look for obvious problems such as bent cross members and damaged antenna elements. It might even provide the tower crew with a look at what they will need to fix prior to climbing the tower.

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