News: FM Chip

The long wait to get your smartphones to tune into FM may be ending

Posted 01-29-18

Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe

Samsung Corp. is reaching all the way back to 1933 to present the latest in smartphone technology: FM radio.

I only wish Apple Inc. would be so modern.

Using a free app called NextRadio, owners of the next-gen Samsung phones sold in the United States and Canada will be able to tune into any FM station in range. It’s a superb idea — possibly a lifesaver.

Who needs FM, in a world of Wi-Fi and 4G broadband networks? I did, just a few weeks ago during a tense trip to Africa, when an FM-compatible phone kept me connected to the rest of the world. And you might need it too, when a severe nor’easter or a brutal hurricane rips up the cellular network.


NAB, NextRadio Dispute Apple Chip Claims

Posted 09-29-17

Says company`s iPhones are capable of FM reception

Randy J. Stine, Radio World

The National Association of Broadcasters and smartphone radio reception app maker NextRadio disagree with several statements made by Apple in response to a request from FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to unlock FM chips in the company’s iPhones in the interest of public safety.

Apple released a statement Thursday touting several other public safety features built into the iPhone, including the fact that users can “dial emergency services and access Medical ID card information directly from the Lock Screen” in addition to receiving “government emergency notifications, ranging from weather advisories to AMBER Alerts.”


Senate Passes "Sandy Act" Making Radio a "First Responder"

Posted 09-12-17

Reporter from Inside Radio

On its first day back to work after Hurricane Irma struck Florida, the Senate quickly approved the bill designating radio and TV as “first responders” during natural disasters. The bill saw several years of holdups, but ultimately, back-to-back hurricanes seemed to have convinced Congress to pass the Securing Access to Networks in Disasters Act—otherwise known as the SANDy Act. 


LG will enable FM radio on more devices, in partnership with NextRadio

Posted 08-10-17

Corbin Davenport, Android Police

There are quite a few Android phones that support FM radio, at least on a hardware level. But the feature is rare on devices in the United States, and even more rare on carrier-sold phones (carriers would much rather you use more data). Most of LG's recent devices have shipped with the feature (at least in some regions), including the G5 and G6, but it will expand to more devices soon.

TagStation LLC, owner of the NextRadio mobile app, has come to an agreement with LG to enable the FM radio on more devices. TagStation/NextRadio have been pushing manufacturers for years to enable FM radio on their devices, such as with the Free Radio on my Phone initiative. TagStation said in a press release, "LG will enable the FM chip in its smartphones going forward, providing millions of people easy access to local FM Radio across the United States and Canada, as well as Latin American countries, with more countries to follow."